Who we are


I was still a child … and I well remember that my father had never liked sleeping until late, much less on Sundays when he could go truffle hunting. It was a ritual that had accompanied him over time and that always aroused in me a great curiosity, connected to the hidden but constant hope of seeing an enormous truffle appear from the pockets of the vest, every time he returned home.

On a warm summer evening, at the end of a day spent searching truffles, my father – while showing off stories in series celebrating the qualities of an excellent digger of his dog – gave himself up with my great astonishment to the promise, almost a tacit secret, that the next day – at the first light of dawn – I would have been no longer just a listener but the protagonist of his countless stories, that still excite me today. Yes: it would have been just me! My father – like every good truffle hunter of the past – was reserved, closed, shy and suspicious. The imperative was: preserve and keep the places secret. I still remember that day: we “drew” a great quantity of truffles but he kept telling me: “I recommend: don’t talk about it with anyone“. Shortly, “finding” truffles became a game for me, a fun pastime.

At the age of 15, driven by boundless passion and dedication, I managed to convince my father to take my first puppy named Brina. Describe her would be superfluous, because what she left is still indelible in our memory: it was with her that I became a truffle hunter.

The basis of a profitable training is to establish a relationship of alchemy between the dog and the handler: it is only when this almost symbiotic relation is composed, that it is possible to obtain the unthinkable. Even today, among the people of the village, they recall her exploits: she was a special and inimitable dog, of a rare intelligence. Thanks to her I was able to select a unique phenotype, obtained by crossbreed. In the estate there are still her direct descendants whose undoubted abilities will be the guide to accompany you along a path of particular and intense emotions …


Truffles are tuberal mushrooms, appreciated for their penetrating scent and unique taste. For the ancient Greeks the truffle was the result of the fusion of lightning, water and land. The existence of this unique fruit of the land, dates back to the time of the Sumerians, Pliny the Elder narrates, in his writings, the existence of truffles. In ancient times, it was believed that the truffle was even an animal.